We are experts at advanced sheet metal processing and welding of steel materials. We have the experience, knowledge and certification to know what process and material will work best with your product and are ready to consult with you concerning your project. Our engineering department specialises in strength calculation as well as engineering.

Our services

Laser cutting

Our high-speed laser cutters ensures shorter lead times and the highest level of precision manufacturing.

Plasma cutting

We offer a variety of precision plasma cutting services for aluminum, steel, alloys and more.


We can offer completely custom metal punching services that are both efficient & cost effective.


Our skilled employees master welding methods like MIG/MAG, TIG AC/DC, Electrode, and titanium welding.

Roll bending

We cover all your metal bending and rolling needs. Superior quality, on-time and competitively priced.


Our high quality and reliable metal bending machines can produce a wide variety of shapes and forms.


We offer grinding for products when you require high surface quality and high accuracy shapes.


We can remove unwanted pieces of material from metal parts as a part of our deburring services.

Business areas

Oil & Gas - Metallteknikk


Oil and gas clients include all the major multinational operators, national oil companies and regional smaller independent operators.

Infrastructure - Metallteknikk


As the demand grows for secure and sustainable supplies of energy, so does the requirement for effective and high-capacity infrastructure.

Electronics - Metallteknikk


We provide a wide range of materials and systems designed to support the advanced manufacturing techniques used in today’s electronic packaging.

Industry - Metallteknikk


Our extensive experience and our multidisciplinary team allow us to offer a wide range of services within different industrial sectors.

Agriculture - Metallteknikk


We possess technology and know-how that allow us to develop high-value components for agricultural machinery.

Construction - Metallteknikk


With our experience and knowledge, we are a major supplier for precision-machined parts to the construction market.

Latest news

New Updated Website

Metallteknikk is pleased to announce the release of our updated website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation.

Metallteknikk is now a part of Alloyance

The cluster Alloyance was founded in 2016 in order to take on larger projects including a wide range of areas within the mechanical industry in addition to automation.