Our welding experts have advanced training, continuous testing, and the on-going certifications needed to exceed even the highest industry standards.

At AS Metallteknikk we know that optimum weld strength is critical to weld success. No matter what your fabrication needs may be. We promise to provide effective and durable solutions that exceed your expectations over the long term.

Welding is the main focus of steel fabrication, the process of permanently joining two or more metal parts, by melting both materials. The molten materials quickly cool, and the two metals are permanently bonded. Spot welding and seam welding are two very popular methods used for sheet metal parts. We can weld almost all types of material such as steel and aluminum, but with an emphasis on non-corrosive materials. We also have people who are certified as titaniumwelders.

Our welding department has skilled employees who master welding methods like:

  • MIG / MAG
  • TIG AC / DC
  • Electrode
Welding - Metallteknikk