Punching is a metal forming process that uses a punch press to force a tool, called a punch, through the workpiece to create a hole via shearing.

The punch often passes through the workpiece into a die. A scrap slug from the hole is deposited into the die in the process. Depending on the material being punched this slug may be recycled and reused or discarded. Punching is often the cheapest method for creating holes in sheet metal in medium to high production volumes.

When a specially shaped punch is used to create multiple usable parts from a sheet of material the process is known as blanking. In forging applications the work is often punched while hot, and this is called hot punching.

Our equipment:

Amada VIPROS 2510 King

  • 2500 x 1270 mm working area
  • 5000 x 1270 mm max work sheet size with repositioning
  • Brush table
  • Fanuc 18P CNC control
  • 20 ton punching
  • 31 stations
  • 3 auto index
  • Thick turret
  • 1000 hpm (max)
Punching - Metallteknikk