Single hinged A 60. Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements in Solas 74 (Safety of the sea), IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 3 and Norsok standard C – 002 USA Coast Guard Approved.

Extended fire test (+8 min) enables production of larger doors. 10% in area / max 15% in both directions.

Door leaf 1.5mm – door frame 3mm 316ss

The door leaf is constructed of an outer shell of 1.5mm thick steel plate on both sides of an insulated core.

The door leaf is internally stiffened by using angle profile welded to the door skin. The total leaf thickness is 79mm. Reinforcement plates for hinges and door closer is provided to the door leaf plates.

The door will be delivered untreated/painted in accordance with Norsok M510 system or to other standards

The hinges are special designed and are made of stainless steel ss316. The hinges are welded to the frame and bolted to the door leaf. Each door leaf has 3 hinges with grease nipple.

The door is delivered with single gasket.

The door closer is of heavy duty DORMA TS 83 / EN7, adjustable

The door leaf is provided with wheel mark, DNV logo fire rating (A60) and production number/year

Weight: (800 x 2000) 79 kg


  • Without door closer
  • RAL colors
  • Panicbar
  • Left or right hinged
  • Inset frame for welding
  • Standard handle – long plate
  • Inset frame for bolting
  • Trio ving lock case
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Single Light Duty. XFD-H-A60 Type 01 – Metallteknikk